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We offer a truly Unique Service

Recruitment by AP supports adult social care services based throughout the Southwest by providing bespoke assistance to both provider and candidate.

About Us

Our recruitment specialists come to us from diverse backgrounds in both professional and public settings, with years of experience working in the adult social care sector, and recognise what is needed to deliver high quality on both sides.


If you are a provider looking to remove the laborious process of obtaining sponsorship licenses and extensive candidate screenings, then Recruitment by AP could be the answer you are looking for. In return for your trust in us, we will deliver added value to your organisation in the form of the global best talent there is. Candidates will arrive at your home with full training and care certificates, plus the specialist skills you need to add that extra support specific to your home’s needs.


If you are a candidate looking for a permanent position in the UK, we can match you with a provider who offers a structured career path and great rates of pay. You will receive fantastic support from our friendly teams and community app, which connects you to a supportive network of other international candidates moving to the UK.

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Our Story

Having worked in the adult social care sector for many years, we found ourselves becoming increasingly frustrated with having to go from one agency to the next to complete the sponsorship process. Wanting to find a better way, we came together and combined our passion and experience to create an ethical recruitment process that is clear, quick, and accessible for all.


Our research revealed to us that the caliber of international/overseas candidates outweighed those of numerous local candidates, proving that international recruitment is a valuable option within health care services that should be taken seriously. 


Global talents across borders are endless and we want to be here to introduce you to the best of them!

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